Recommended Name ?zoocin A endopeptidase
Alternative Name ?bacteriocin ZooA
Uniprot IDO54308
General Mode of ActionEnzymatic cleavage of peptidoglycan which results in a rapid lysis of the bacterial cell.
phiBIOTICS Family ?Metallopeptidase
Reaction ?1. Catalysis of the hydrolysis of internal, alpha-peptide bonds in a polypeptide chain by a mechanism in which water acts as a nucleophile, one or two metal ions hold the water molecule in place, and charged amino acid side chains are ligands for the metal ions
    EC: 3.4.24.-
    Corresponding Pfam domain: Peptidase_M23
    Evidence: experimental (PubMed: 8953725)
Source Organism ?Streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus
Target Organism ?Streptococcus pyogenes
Streptococcus equi
Streptococcus mutans
Disease ?Acute glomerulonephritis (Group A Streptococcus)
Acute rheumatic fever (Group A Streptococcus)
Dental infections (Streptococcus mutans)
Impetigo (Group A Streptococcus)
Infective endocarditis (Group A Streptococcus)
Pharyngitis (Group A Streptococcus)
Rheumatic heart disease (Group A Streptococcus)
Scarlet fever (Group A Streptococcus)
State ?Tested
Reference ?8953725

Studies found: 1

Antimicrobial Agent
Study Type
AdministrationRelevant ResultsAdverse Effects and Other IssuesReference ?
ZooA in vitro
  • set of various streptococci including:
    Streptococcus equii spp.zooepidemicus
    Streptococcus pyogens
    Streptococcus mutans
    Streptococcus oralis
    Streptococcus gordoni
    Streptococcus rattus strains
  • other bacterial strains including:
    Lactococcus spp. strains
    Escherichia coli DHK&alpha
    Bacillus subtilis
Lytic activity against all various streptococcal species excluding S. oralis and S. rattus.

No lytic activity observed against other bacterial species.
Other Issues
ZooA is member of PBPs; incubation with penicillin decreased its enzymatic activity.